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Aniversary Number Shape Gift White Photo Frame with – Size 13×11 Inch


Birthday Gift White Photo Frame – Medium Size 11X13 Inch

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Foldable Couple Photo Frame


Introducing our Customized Large Size Foldable Photo Print – versatile, vibrant, and ready to showcase your memories in style. Stand it, hang it, or create a unique corner display. Experience clarity and depth like never before.
Frame Size: 13X18 inch
Frame Thickness: 20mmX28mm
Front Element: Glass / PVC Glass
Paper Option: Glossy / Luster
Frame Colour: white

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Introducing our Customized Large Size Foldable Photo Print – a versatile masterpiece designed to effortlessly adorn your space with elegance and uniqueness. This innovative print offers not only stunning visuals but also the flexibility to display it in a variety of ways, ensuring it stands out wherever it’s placed.

Crafted to perfection, our photo print measures an impressive 13X19 inches, providing ample space to showcase your cherished memories or captivating artwork. With nine vibrant color pigment inks, each image is brought to life with unparalleled clarity and depth, making it a captivating focal point in any room.

What sets our product apart is its multifunctional design. Whether you prefer to display it on a table, hang it on a wall, or create a striking corner display between two walls, our print effortlessly adapts to your preferred style. Its unique ability to stand on its own ensures it commands attention wherever it’s placed, while its sleek foldable design adds a touch of modernity to any space.

With its crisp white color and customizable options, this print serves as a timeless canvas, perfectly complementing any interior décor. Let your imagination run wild as you personalize your print to reflect your unique personality and style, creating a truly one-of-a-kind statement piece.

Elevate your space with our Customized Large Size Foldable Photo Print and experience the perfect blend of versatility, sophistication, and personalized charm. Order yours today and transform your space into a gallery of memories and inspiration.

  1. Wall Décor: The most traditional use of large prints is as wall décor. Hang it above your sofa to create a stunning focal point in your living room. The crisp white canvas serves as the perfect backdrop for your favorite family portraits or breathtaking landscapes. With its foldable design, you can easily switch up your wall arrangements to keep your space fresh and dynamic.
  2. Tabletop Display: Not just limited to hanging, these foldable prints are also designed to stand on their own. Place it on a console table in your entryway or on your bedside table to infuse your space with personality and charm. The versatility of its display options ensures that you can effortlessly integrate it into any room of your home.
  3. Office Inspiration: Bring a touch of inspiration to your workspace by incorporating a customized photo print. Whether you choose to hang it on the wall above your desk or display it on a shelf, the vibrant imagery and personalized design will invigorate your creativity and motivate you throughout the workday.
  4. Event Signage: Planning a special event? Customized large prints can serve as unique and eye-catching signage. From weddings to corporate functions, use these prints to welcome guests, display seating charts, or highlight important information. Their foldable design makes them easy to transport and set up, ensuring a hassle-free experience for event organizers.
  5. Retail Displays: Businesses can leverage the versatility of these prints to create captivating retail displays. Whether showcasing product imagery, promoting a special offer, or adding visual interest to store windows, these prints can help businesses attract and engage customers in-store.
  6. Photography Exhibitions: For photographers looking to showcase their work in exhibitions or galleries, large prints offer an impactful way to display their photographs. The vibrant color pigment inks and crisp imagery ensure that every detail is brought to life, captivating viewers and leaving a lasting impression.
  7. Gift Giving: Customized large prints make for thoughtful and personalized gifts for loved ones. Whether commemorating a special occasion or simply celebrating a cherished memory, these prints allow you to create a truly unique and meaningful gift that will be treasured for years to come.
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