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How to claim Resend

• Make a video while opening the parcel without pausing or cutting. If you get a damaged or broken package then send us that video within 24 hours after delivery and we will examine the video if we find that the video is genuine we will send you a new product within 8-9 days after receiving your defective product.

• while recording the video make sure that the tracking slip with your name and tracking I’d is visible properly. Please do not try to record after opening it. If we found any kind of changes like that then the replacement will not be done

• No complain will be entertained without the proper opening video.
Once placed an order cannot be cancelled as the products are customised. If you cancel the order after checkout no refund will be provided.

. Between 3 years if the interior product colour will be damage then we will provide a replacement but we need the proper order code, tracking I’d and prove that it is our product sent by us.

If any quarry about product-related visit, send e-mail to or WhatsApp no 9101264940

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